Teen Halloween Costumes

Teen Halloween Costumes

When it comes to teen, choosing teen Halloween costumes to become trickier. The usual stuff in the market either becomes too childish or too old for the teens to pull-off. If you as-a-teen are either part of a squad, you would surely like to dress up as something that can cater your age-group, or if you are one of the hot-shots, then you are probably thinking hard about how you can stand out. So, We have some Halloween costume ideas for teens and also give you some tips and tricks to DIY Halloween costumes for teens.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

While the month of Halloween is dear to everyone, the stress that comes with it is head-spinning. Yes, you have guessed it right! It’s the stress of the most dreadful question, “What are you going to dress up as on this year’s Halloween?” If you are in your teens, you probably have already started getting this question your way. Even though right now you might be thinking it is way too early to decide for teen Halloween costumes, let us tell you that as weeks will go by, Halloween parties will be too close to do anything. However, you need not worry, as this year we have decided to save your backs from this stress by putting together some amazingly cute, creative and adventurous costumes for all the teen girls and boys out there.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens
Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

1) Cute Halloween Costumes for Teens

How about we discuss a few of the ideas that most people on the internet see as the best options when it comes to cute Halloween costumes for teens. Since this is a list for kids Halloween costumes, don’t make a slightly bigger version of the outfits we are going to mention here for teens. So, here we go, here are the top ideas for cute Halloween costumes for teens.

Cute Halloween Costumes for Teens
Cute Costumes for Teens
  • Cowgirl/boy
  • Fairy Costume
  • Knight Costume
  • Penguin Costume
  • Madeline Costume
  • Scarecrow Costume
  • Baby Panda costume
  • Musketeer Costume
  • Lumberjack Costume
  • Carl from the movie “UP.”
  • Animal Character costumes like a cat, unicorn or lion.

2) Funny Halloween Costumes for Teens

Not all kids are going to get what they are going as for Halloween. So you can probably get away with making or buying your kids a costume that has a funny twist to it. Here are a few exciting ideas that you can try to pitch to your kids.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Teens
Funny Teen Halloween Costumes
  • Mini Me costume from Austen powers
  • Captain Underpants Costume
  • T-Rex Piggyback Costume
  • Bender Costume
  • Pea Pod costume
  • 100 Dollar Bill

3) Cool Halloween Costumes for Teens

Are you searching for some cool Halloween costumes for teens? Or maybe just looking for some good ideas? Well here are vital tips that you can use to make sure that teens are wearing the coolest costumes this Halloween.

Cool Halloween Costumes for Teens
Cool Costumes for Halloween
  1. Make sure that you don’t go for the super complicated costumes. They are not going to look cool when on kids and they will not be comfortable for them as well.
  2. Make sure that the cloth you are using is comfortable if you have to make the necessary changes to make the costume more comfortable then do it. Remember it is for your kids to keep them in mind.
  3. Remember cute can be cool as well. Keep the age of your kid in mind. You can play with that and make even a lousy costume quite impressive.
  4. Never be afraid to look up some good ideas for the teen Halloween costumes.
  5. Accessorize with such thing that is not a choking hazard.

4) Best Halloween Costumes for Teens

The best Halloween costumes for teens will be the one that they love. So making sure that you make or buy something that loves. So always try to listen to your kids, cause at the end of the day it is all for them. So get or make something that they would love to wear. It will be the best Halloween costume for teens.

Best Halloween Costumes for Teens
Best Costumes for Halloween

5) Cheap Halloween Costumes for Teens

We always want that teen Halloween costumes don’t have to be an expensive one. We have talked about a couple of sites that offer premade as well as homemade teen Halloween costumes. So all you have to do is get your search. Look up a few of those sites online and see which one is best for your pocket at the moment.

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Teens
Cheap Costumes for Halloween

6) Scary Halloween Costumes for Teens

Well, to be fair there is not a lot you can do that won’t make teens look cute in Halloween costumes. So whether you are getting them a zombie costume, a ghost or anything of that sort they are not going to look scary. So whatever you want to get them from the long list of available monsters they’ll look adorable nonetheless.

Scary Halloween Costumes for Teens
Scary Costumes for Halloween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens

However, if you realize, at the end of the day you have just two choices: either go as something that is more pop-culture oriented or be something that is ever-green and might help you hit the hearts of even people from the senior batches. So, sure, you can go with your group as the cast of Stranger Things or be the ultimate Harry Potter, but we know that deep-down, you would want to ditch the hackneyed and go for things that might turn heads around. Below are some fabulous DIYs that can help you stand out as the creative-god:

Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls

When it comes to teen Halloween costumes, teen girls always struggle to strike the right balance between scary and cute. However, we might have the perfect solution to it, with our DIY Scarecrow look. Just get a bit oversized checkered-shirt and pair it with a dark-colored Dungaree. Next, either make a floppy hat out of jute or grab one from your nearest dollar-shop. Lastly, brush-out some real-looking stitches with good gothic-makeup and voila! You are ready to look super cute in that red-blush, as well as super scary in those fake-stitches.

Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls
Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls

Even better, if you don’t have the time for it and you still want to impress your senior classmates, then how about something as classic as being Wednesday Addams? Oh yes, this is the most comfortable Halloween costumes for teen girls. Just take out a simple black dress and wear it with a white collar shirt inside. Make two braids and put on your best black lipstick, and there you are! But what if you want to do something with your BFF? How about you two become the inseparable pair of salt-and-pepper? Just wrap yourselves in plain white and black cardboard sheets and wear a metallic hat- to match the color of the salt and pepper bottle lids. There you are, the inseparable pair and the must-have in all kitchens.

Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys

The problem with teen boys is that they are never really sure whether they would want to stay in the boys Halloween costumes for too long. But why worry, when we have got a perfect way out for this:

A mad-scientist outfit is the perfect Halloween costumes for teen boys. Just wear your favorite goofy t-shirt with jeans and pair it with a white lab coat and safety goggles. You can also hold a transparent flask with some green semi-solid liquid as your props, and there you go! Just take off that lab-coat and put those props aside, to be the regular-you again, in case you get tired.

Halloween Costumes for Teen boys
Halloween Costumes for Teen boys

However, what if you want to impress your classmates with some puns, or show them your witty-side? How about going as the ultimate cereal-killer? Yes, you got that right! Just stick some empty cereal carboard-boxes at the back of your shirt, hook some butter-knives in them and spray ketchup or red-liquid to make it look bloody. Who knew becoming a punny-teen at the Halloween was this easy?! But, what is better than to have something for the whole squad? That too, when your entire group isn’t into costuming? If your teen-guy-squad is a huge Marvel fan, how about going in as the superheroes? Just get Marvel characters’ t-shirts from the nearest stores, and you need 15 minutes for a few character-relevant touchups!

We hope that by now, you have your teen Halloween costumes ready and your friends can brace themselves for some lit dress filled IGs, Snapchats, and tweets!

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